Vision & Values
We deliver reliable Supply Chain Solutions that provide value to our customers.
No matter what the size, exact business and location is – we are always driven by qualitative, safety-related and environmental principles that best serve our customers’ and thus our own long-term interest.
The Panalpina values are more than just words and definitions; they are the core of our daily business. For each of us, the challenge is not be simply believing in our values but rather actually behaving in keeping with our values.
Performance – is our continuous commitment to long-term sustainable development and financial success. In essence, we aspire to out-play competition.
Integrity – is the compass which drives our behavior and attitude towards each other and our customers. For us this would be reflected by “We keep our promises and play by the rules."
Professionalism – is how we create value for our customers through our solutions and by anticipating their business needs. In short “We know our business” – and create value for our stakeholders.