Logistics Services
The increasingly volatile and consumer sensitive chains of supply and demand are not only impacting prices, they are stimulating today’s logistics providers to be more responsive, agile and consumer-centric in their supply chain solutions.
We create more value for our customers’ supply chains through our global network, on-site knowledge and expertise. We are passionate about delivering operational excellence.
With our comprehensive expertise in all major industries, our strong local organizations and our extensive experience in offering value added logistics services, we can provide our customers with the perfect balance between price and performance.
Tir provides warehousing and distribution services from our  1200 sq mtrs of warehousing facility, located in Skopje. The space is utilised for customs bonded and normal warehousing. 
Warehouse services:
  • Goods reception
  • Inventory management
  • Packaging
  • Billing
  • National and international deliveries
No operational overheads
No fixed staff costs
Flexible space requirements
Complete stock visibility
Long and short term contracts  
Value Added Warehousing 
is provided in collaboration with Panalpina within it's distribution centers, mostly outbound but sometimes also inbound, between OEM and Distributor. TIR in collaboration with Panalpina provides:
Fulfillment (FF) and E-Fulfillment (E-FF)
Postponement (PP)
Re-Packaging (RP)
Transformational Cross Docking (TXD)
Merge In Transit (MIT)
Fashion Logistics (FL)
Fulfillment (FF) and E-Fulfillment (E-FF)
FF is the management of outbound order in support of warehousing activities on behalf of customers where Panalpina can manage the end to end process including order picking, packing, value-added services, and coordination of outbound transportation. Whereas E-FF has technology solutions to support e-Commerce models for customers including extensive value-added service requirements to support these types of models usually focused business to consumers.
Major customer benefits from FF and E-FF:
  • Economy of scale by using the global Panalpina Network with local warehouse & distribution facilities.
  • Reduced investments for a e2e distribution networks by less handling costs and lead times.
Postponement (PP)
Postponement is a business strategy that maximizes possible benefit and minimizes risk by delaying differentiation of a product until the last possible moment. Differentiation is performed by Panalpina on behalf of customers prior to delivery to consumers. This includes activities such as flashing, software load, and product customization.
Major customer benefits from PP:
  • Improve market penetration with higher flexibility
  • Cost reductions (manufacturing, transportation and inventory)
  • Economy of scale and faster reaction time
PP focuses on Healthcare, Hi-Tech, Telecom and Consumer & Retail Industry.
Repacking (RP)
RP supports activities to repack and resize a product on behalf of a customer to drive more efficient consolidation, storing, shipping and potentially re-branding with the goal of improving quality and reducing costs.
Major customer benefits from RP:
  • More Flexibility and larger Resources
  • Reduced Investments in Infrastructure
  • Handling cost and lead times can be reduced also
RP focuses on Hi-Tech, Telecom, Healthcare, Fashion, Consumer & Retail and Oil & Gas Industry.
Transformational Cross Docking (TXD)
TXD is a dedicate logistics service with an additional charge, where shipments from multiple providers are immediately received, broken, and staged for one or multiple outbound shipments to end customers based on specified order details. It includes performing additional value added services such as repackaging, labeling, etc. 
Major customer benefits from TXD:
  • Usage of synergies between more than one supplier on inbound shipments as well as on outbound transportations (à horizontal transport collaboration)
  • Economy of scale and faster reaction time
TXD focuses on Hi-Tech, Telecom and Consumer & Retail Industry.
Merge in Transit (MIT)
Goods for a customer from multiple sources through multiple transport providers / modes for a single order are sent to a central location. There goods are consolidated for an outbound shipment to the end customer based on order requirements. Some of the products will be held in inventory until all components of the order have been received and consolidated.
Major customer benefits from MIT:
  • One delivery for more orders.
  • Less inventory at the final destination / delivery point.
  • Service flexibility and operational excellence.
MIT focuses on Hi-Tech, Telecom, Consumer & Retail and Oil & Gas Industry.